The Heart of Jesus: A Prayer

God’s Heart has many qualities, and it was fully revealed to us through the incarnation of Jesus. The Heart of Christ is the Heart of God. Let us take a moment to reflect upon the qualities of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Infant Heart of Jesus, Innocent and Pure, Sanctify Us.
Childhood Heart of Jesus, Attentive and Obedient, Listen to Us.
Baptized Heart of Jesus, Righteous and Beloved, Prepare Us.
Tempted Heart of Jesus, Fortified and Steadfast, Strengthen Us.
Professed Heart of Jesus, Wise and Compassionate, Guide Us.
Miraculous Heart of Jesus, Powerful and Healing, Cure Us.
Betrayed Heart of Jesus, Abandoned and Alone, Support Us.
Scourged Heart of Jesus, Wounded and Scarred, Perfect Us.
Crucified Heart of Jesus, Exhausted and Dying, Redeem Us.
Risen Heart of Jesus, Restored and Living, Renew Us.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray For Us.


Click the player below to hear a song composed by Jeff Jones of Sunknight Music based upon this prayer.


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